Planters is a part of Kraft Food range, its America’s favorite brand of nuts and includes such varieties as mixed nuts, trail mix and chocolate-covered nuts. The brand has also introduced Planters NUT-rition, a line that includes five varieties with 0 g Tran’s fat, 0 mg cholesterol and that are a good source of five vitamins and minerals.

Almonds with sea salt canister 290 g
Honey roasted peanuts bag 170g
Honey roasted peanuts canister 340g
Honey roasted cashews 85g
Sunflower kernels jar 205g
Planters honey roasted peanuts 56g
Planters smoked almonds 42g
Planters Peanut butter creamy 340g & 510g
Planters Peanut buuter cruchy 340g