Golden Fields

Soudanco started its frozen category with frozen French fries with Golden Field Brand. We will start with two main SKU’s the 2.5Kg and the 1kg with the 9 × 9 cuts. Enjoy Golden Fields anytime of the year, heat up the fryer and enjoy the perfect appetizer.

Planters Peanut butter:

We are glad to announce Planters, America's leading snack nut brand, in Creamy and Crunchy varieties. Enjoy your toast with the nutrient-dense energy source and plant-based protein. 

Planters honey roasted & smoked almonds:

America’s favorite brand of nuts and includes such varieties as mixed nuts, trail mix and chocolate-covered nuts. The brand has also introduced Planters NUT-rition, a line that includes five varieties with 0 g Tran’s fat, 0 mg cholesterol and that are a good source of five vitamins and minerals.