Business princibles

Soudanco is committed to follow up its business principles and to share them with all its employees

1. Quality Assurance
Quality is our concern; we work to offer healthy food and beverage to our clients. All Soudanco’s products are up to the highest Food standards.

2. Fair and Ethical  Competition
Our competition in the market is based on ethical and fair competition. We fully support the Egypt laws of trade, and we do not take part of any monopoly throughout our business activities.

3. Honesty, Integrity and Fairness to Our Partners
We require our employees to demonstrate fairness, integrity and honesty in their relations with our partners. We believe on long term relationship between Soudanco and our partners based on mutual benefits .

4. Transparency, Commitment , and benefit to Our Customers
In the same way to our non-negotiable standards to our partners, we guarantee to our customers the highest level of transparency and commitment. We are working together for our common interest and the benefit of our brands.

5. Development of Soudanco Family
Our company success is built on our people. We contribute to the improvement of Soudanco family staff. Our people are our family, we share with them our happy and sad moments. Soudanco is committed to the wellbeing of social and economic status of its members. 

6. Healthy Working Environment
We commit ourselves to continuous improvement of the working environment for our staff to be more efficient and effective.

7. Social Responsibility
We have a responsibility towards our company and our society for better life to the Egyptian people.